Based on previous years and the predictions of various Apple experts it looks like Apple will hold a special event at some point this spring. But what will Apple launch and when will the spring event happen?

Read on to find out everything we know about the new Apple products coming from soon, including new iPhone SE, AirPods Pro, iPad Air, iMac and much more, plus when we are likely to see them launch.

When is Apple's Spring Event 2022?

  • Tuesday 28 March 2022 (predicted), starting at 10am in San Francisco, which is 6pm in the UK. (See how that time converts around the world here)

We predict that Apple will hold its Spring Event as a virtual event on Tuesday 28 March 2022. This is based on the timing of Apple Spring Events over the years, which have predominantly been in March. However, in 2021 the event was held on Tuesday 20 April, and there was a Friday 24 April announcement in 2020 (the iPhone SE 2), so it is also possible that the event could be held in April.

Tuesday 19 April 2022 looks like a possibility, based on the timing for the past few years, however that date is unlikely as it would coincide with the Easter weekend - Easter Sunday is 17 April 2022 - so if the event is in April we expect it to fall earlier in the month.

We've based our theory of when the next Apple event will be on the dates when Apple has held a spring event in the past few years. As you can see from the list below Apple doesn't hold an event every year, but based on the past dates it certainly looks more likely that Apple would have an event in March than not.

  • 2021: Tuesday 20 April (virtual event)
  • 2020: no March event due to COVID-19 lockdown, but iPhone SE launched on 24 April 2020
  • 2019: Monday 25 March
  • 2018: Tuesday 27 March
  • 2017: no March event
  • 2016: Monday 21 March
  • 2015: Monday 9 March
  • 2014: no March event
  • 2013: no March event
  • 2012: Wednesday 7 March
  • 2011:Wednesday 2 March
  • 2010: Thursday 8 April (there was also a January event that year)

Apple Event

Apple's continued to launch products at events throughout the pandemic, but the company, like many companies in the sector, has been affected by component shortages and other issues with transportation of goods and disruptions to the supply chain. These issues may mean that the products Apple intends to launch at the spring event aren't ready in time due to production delays. This could be another reason to assume an April event rather than March.

What will Apple launch at the Spring 2022 event?

There have been plenty of predictions relating to products Apple could launch this spring, as we will discuss below. But before we do we'll start of with a look at what Apple's launched at past spring events.

Apple has made significant announcements at recent spring events:

  • 2015: In 2015 Apple held a Spring Forward event and announced pricing and a launch date for the original Apple Watch. It also unveiled the 12in MacBook.
  • 2016: The 2016 'Let us loop you in' event saw Apple launch the iPhone SE, the iPad Pro 9.7 and iOS 9.3.
  • 2017: There was no event in 2017, but Apple did send out a press release launching the 2017 iPad and the ProductRED iPhone 7.
  • 2018: Apple's spring event had an education-focus in 2018 and was held at a school in Chicago. Apple announced a new iPad (with support for Apple Pencil), updates to Pages, Numbers and Keynote, and GarageBand.
  • 2019: In 2019 Apple held the "It's show time" event in March at which the focus was on Apple TV+, although that service didn't launch until that November. 2020 - It was the start of the pandemic, so there was no event, but Apple did launch the second generation iPhone SE in April 2020.
  • 2021: Apple held a virtual event in April 2021 at which it launched the AirTag, second-generation Apple TV 4K, the 24in iMac with M1 and the M1-powered iPad Pro. Apple also introduced a new purple colour for the iPhone 12.

So, without further ado, here's what we are expecting to see in the Spring event in 2022. We also have a predictions article that looks in more depth at Apple's plans for 2022.

iPhone SE 3

iPhone SE

Two years ago in 2020 Apple answered the prayers of many who were disappointed that the original iPhone SE, which launched in 2016, was discontinued in September 2018. The SE had been a popular iPhone, being both the smallest and the cheapest handset on offer, and the second-generation iPhone SE will no doubt have been popular for the same reasons - and one reason in particular: it has a Home button.

The rumours indicate that there could be a new iPhone SE in the pipeline, and this time it could be larger - or that there could be an iPhone SE Plus. There is also a possibility that it could adopt Face ID and lose the Home button (which we think would be a bad move as the Home button is an important feature for some people).

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iPad Air

The iPad Air missed out on an update in 2021, so it is in need of some of Apple's attention - especially now that the iPad mini has a better processor. Where the cheaper iPad mini has a A15 processor, the iPad Air looks behind the times with an A14. Could the iPad Air gain an M1 chip like the iPad Pro? We don't expect so, at least not until the iPad Pro gets a processor update.

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AirPods Pro

Last updated in 2019, the need to update the AirPods Pro is greater than ever following the introduction of the third generation AirPods in October 2021. The standard AirPods now look even more pro than ever thanks to their shorter stems, although they lack the detachable silicone eartips of the Pro models.

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iMac Pro (or pro iMac)

iMac 2022

The next product likely to see an update in the spring is the larger iMac. We are hoping that the 27in iMac is updated with a larger screen and various design changes that take inspiration from both the 24in iMac and Apple's Pro Display XDR. We can also expect Apple to include the choice of an M1 Pro M1 Max processor - although it may go one step further with a duo set up for twice as many GPUs and CPUs.

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Mac mini Pro

Two of the Mac mini gained an M1 processor back in 2020, but one Mac mini remained with an Intel processor. We could soon see an M1 Pro Mac mini (or even an M1 Max model) replace the Intel Mac mini. Could this be the rumoured Mac mini Pro?

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Now for the less likely, but still possible updates...

iPad Pro

The iPad Pro gained an M1 chip in April 2021, so you might assume that it will be updated in spring 2022. However we actually think that the iPad Pro update won't happen until later in the year. This is because the next processor update for the iPad Pro is likely to be the M2, which won't arrive until the autumn. However, the spring event has often been used as a venue for introducing new iPad Pro models, so who knows!

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Apple TV mini

A smaller, cheaper Apple TV might help Apple deliver its TV+ subscription service to the masses. Alternatively Apple has already come to an agreement with a number of different TV manufacturers to include Apple TV+ on their sets, so perhaps there will be no need to use an Apple TV to stream Apple's new content. Even Roku and Amazon include the service on their devices.

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Apple Games Console

Another possibility is that Apple will launch a games console based on the Apple TV - there are actually rumours that it could launch a new powerful Apple TV will rival gaming platforms!

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HomePod with screen

Apple's also rumoured to have an new HomePod with screen in the pipeline. It could be a hybrid product that combines the HomePod and the Apple TV and iPad. Sounds like a great combination.

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