'Planking' - the sport of lying flat on an object in a strange or dangerous location - seems to have caught on among Apple Store employees.

Electric Pig reports that the Apple Store Planking blog emerged a few days ago, showing pictures of Apple Store staff lying flat on boxes.

The blog's logo features a man lying on top of the Apple logo, with a tagline that could have Apple's legal team reaching for their phones.

"The funnest sport ever. Now a blog. This changes everything. Again," it reads.

Some of those pictured have had their faces blurred or covered, though it would be tough to identify any of the staff from the pictures. No information about which Apple Store they are in is readily available.

Hopefully, the company will see the funny side - the humour in the blog is evident with comments such as: "Ask us anything. Except when the iPhone5 comes out. Seriously, no idea."

However, planking can have tragic consequences as well - earlier this month 20-year-old Australian Acton Beale died after falling off a balcony while planking.