Apple Stores along the East Coast of America have been preparing for the incoming Hurricane Sandy by placing sand bags in front of the entrances and covering exposed devices in plastic.


The storm, which is being described as a 'once in a generation' occurrence, and is also being referred to as the "Frankenstorm", is expected to batter the US's East Coast today, and could cause widespread devastation and flooding.


New York has been issued an evacuation order ahead of Hurricane Sandy's predicted arrival, and Apple's Fifth Avenue Store has been blocked off by a wall of sand bags about eight layers high. MacBooks, iPads, iPhones and other devices have been covered with plastic bags in an attempt to protect them against water damage.

9to5Mac reports that Apple Retail employees have been warned that East Coast stores could be closed during Monday and Tuesday if the weather becomes too dangerous.

Google has already cancelled its Android event due to the storm.

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy. Stay safe.

Photos via Jonathan Wald

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