A patent infringement complaint has been filed against Apple over its OS X Quick Look function.

Non-practicing entity WhitServe filed the complaint with the US District Court for the District of Connecticut on Friday, and says that Apple's Quick Look function infringes on its 2011 file viewing patent.

WhitServe claims that Apple's Quick Look violates its patent covering a "System for sequentially opening and displaying files in a directory," which was granted to the company in April 2011, five years after the patent application was submitted.

Quick Look debuted in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard in 2007, and allows users to press the space bar to see a file without having to open it, such as PDFs, QuickTime, Pages and more.

WhitServe's patent covers software that can open and close files in an almost full-view mode. Those files can also be browsed and edited, and the user can view multiple files at once.

According to WhitServe, Apple's Quick Look is causing irreparable harm "not fully compensable by money damages" to the companies that it licenses its technology to.

WhitServe wants Apple to pay damages and court fees, and is looking to enforce a permanent injunction against Quick Look's implementation in OS X.

[Via Apple Insider]

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