Apple is targeting the Windows market with its iPod MP3 player, research claims.

A report from Internet-data analyst Jupiter MMXI on Apple and its digital music player claims the iPod will lure non-Mac users into buying Apple-made products.

The report says Apple, "hopes to tie its user base more tightly to the Mac, and ideally introduce the Apple brand name to the Windows community".

Ease of use Apple plans to promote Macs as digital-media hubs by creating software that runs on external devices such as iPod with iTunes software according to Jupiter:

"Apple has engineered iPod to be everything its competition is not: easy to use, high-storage, portable, lightweight, and durable – and its impeccable design looks as much like a fashion accessory as it does a technical device. Apple has succeeded on all counts, and consumers have noticed, " the report enthuses.

125,000 iPods were snapped up during its initial six-week selling cycle Jupiter claims.
The report attributes the iPod's popularity to its size and storage capabilities: "Apple was the first to market with a digital music player that could both hold a comprehensive library and fit into a listener’s shirt pocket.

"For consumers accustomed to storing only one hour to two hours of music on their digital devices, this will seem like Nirvana. However, for savvier technophiles or rabid music fans, the capacity will begin to feel somewhat limiting after a month or two of use."