Apple’s HDTV will have a Retina display, following in the footsteps of the third-generation iPad and the new MacBook Pro.

That’s according to CNET, which claims to have spoken to display expert and CEO of DisplayMate Technologies Raymond Soneira, who expects the speculated television (dubbed ‘iTV’) to have a really sharp screen.

Soneira believes that Apple will make the decision to implement a Retina display in its television because it wants to make everything look the same across its products.

“My theory is that colour consistency and accuracy among all Apple devices is more important for Apple than Retina display resolution and will be the strategic basis for the eventual launch of an Apple television” said Soneira.

“Starting with the new iPad 3, images on all future Apple devices and displays will appear visually identical and with extremely accurate colours and images,” he continued.

This will be the reason Apple launched a television, rather than an advanced set-top box, said Soneira. “All existing TVs produce inaccurate and inconsistent colours and images that will be poor matches to Apple’s own iPhones and iPads,” he claimed. “Consumers will love the fact that everything including their personal photos, TV shows, movies, and videos will all look exactly the same on all Apple devices.”

CNET points out that a Retina display television would be an expensive device to buy, which suggests that Apple may stick to smaller sizes for the product, perhaps around 30in.

There has been a lot of speculation over the expected time of arrival of the Apple television, some suggesting that it won’t arrive until 2014.

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