Following the alleged sighting of Apple television set prototypes, an analyst has said that he expects the product, dubbed 'iTV', to arrive towards the end of next year.

In a research note on Monday, Jefferies analyst Peter Misek wrote that Apple television set prototypes, not just an advanced set-top-box, have been "floating around".

"Gesture and voice control along with new user interface are the main innovations," Misek said. He believes that the Apple television will arrive in September or October of 2013.

Misek says that Apple planned to unveil the iTV in 2012, but blames "Sharp's finanical issues" and low yields of the IGZO displays expected to be used in the television for the delay. Apple is rumoured to have spent $2.5 billion to bail out display supplier Sharp earlier this year.

Rumours of Apple's widely speculated television have sparked up again this week, following CEO Tim Cook's comment that TV is an area of "intense interest" during an interview published on Thursday.

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Recent reports have indicated that Apple may choose to concentrate its efforts on developing its current Apple TV device rather than make an actual television set, however. It is believed that Apple could be planning to bring Bluetooth functionality, Siri and gaming to its set top box soon.

Also in his research note this week, Misek said that an iPhone 6 with NFC, Retina+ display, 128GB of storage and multiple colour options could arrive in June or July next year, alongside an iPad 5 and a new iPad mini. He also mentioned the possibility of a cheaper iPhone.

[Via Apple Insider]

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