According to a report from the analyst companies HarrisX and MoffettNathanson (quoted by Light Reading), interest in Apple TV+ remains low, despite recent improvements to the range of films and TV series available on the service.

In June, 7% of American households subscribed to Apple's streaming service, a relatively small improvement on the 4% at its launch in November. It's also worth mentioning that those who buy a new Apple device get a free trial of TV+ lasting 12 months; clearly a lot of customers haven't even bothered to activate the free offer.

Apple will be hopeful that the new offering Greyhound will further increase interest in Apple TV+. According to Deadline, the Tom Hanks war film has attracted a chunk of new subscribers since its premiere on 10 July. "Beyond generating the largest opening weekend ever for Apple TV+," the site says, "30% of its viewers were new to the service."

The most popular streaming service is - not entirely unexpectedly - Netflix, which is found in an astonishing 73% of American households. This is followed by Amazon Prime Video with 52%, Hulu with 36% and Disney Plus with 28%.

Apple is working hard to bring in more subscribers to its streaming service. We discuss the steps the company is taking, and others we think it should consider, in What Apple is doing to improve Apple TV.

This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation by David Price.