Apple TV+ is having a hard time attracting viewers, even though users who have purchased a compatible Apple gadget do not have to pay for the service for at least a year.

According to a new report from Justwatch, quoted by 9to5Mac, Apple TV+ has a market share of three percent in the US, which places it in seventh place on the list of the most popular streaming video services.

Unthreatened number one is Netflix with a share of 31 percent, followed by Amazon Prime Video with 22 percent and Hulu with 14 percent.

Then there are three services, all of which were launched after Apple TV+: Disney Plus (13 percent), HBO Max (9 percent) and Peacock (6 percent).

Apple TV Marketshare

The main reason for the weak interest in Apple TV+ is thought to be the lack of content. Due to the ongoing pandemic, it has taken considerably longer than expected to complete filming, while competitors are vying for the rights to many popular movies and TV series.

Back in July we reported on Apple's struggles to get people to sign up for  Apple TV+ - with the news that only 7% of American households had subscribed to Apple's streaming service. Sadly the situation is now even worse. 

The 3% figure is even a decrease on the 4% market share Apple TV+ had at its launch in November 2019.

With many Apple customers getting access to a free trial of TV+ lasting 12 months it would appear that very few are even bothering to activate the free offer.

While Apple does have some good shows on Apple TV+, we think the only way Apple will be able to get more subscribers to TV+ is by offering subscribers access to the content in the iTunes Store. We've seen Apple TV+ subscribers asking why they have to pay for movies and shows in iTunes when they already subscribe to the service. Read: What is free on Apple TV?

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Apple has already extended the free trial period for Apple TV+ until July 2021 at the earliest because the free year's access for those who took up the initial free subscription between November 2019 and January 2020 would have already seen the free period expire. Read more: Free subscription to Apple TV + extended until July.

This article is based on a Macworld Sweden report. Translation and additional reporting by Karen Haslam.