Just days after updating the AirTag software to version 1.0.291 with build number 1A291a, Apple has rolled out a new minor update.

It's not a new version number, reports 9to5Mac, but the build number has been changed to 1A291c. So it seems to be a very small change, but on the other hand, we are talking about software that dictates the way the hardware behaves, and even a minor tweak can be important.

A firmware update two months ago made important changes to the AirTag's anti-stalking features.

There is no information about what Apple might have changed for build 1A291c, and since the software cannot be downloaded standalone, it is very difficult to analyse it. It may include further tweaks to the privacy elements, or changes related to Apple's planned improvements for Android users - the company has said it plans to release an app for Android which will enable users of such devices to detect nearby AirTags.

Your AirTag should automatically update its software if it's within range of your iPhone and a new version is available; there is no way to force this process to take place.

This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation and additional reporting by David Price.