Following news that Apple had triumphed Samsung in the patent trial in the US, Apple’s share price rocketed to a record high on Monday, closing at $675.68 (£427.85), having reached a high of $680.87 during the days trading.

When the markets closed on Friday, Apple had hit $663.22, so the stock gained $12.46 per share (an increase of 1.879%) during the day’s trading. 

Samsung on the other hand saw its stock drop to 1.173m won ($1,000/$633.21), before closing at 1.180m won at the close of the day’s trading. The 7.5% decline is the biggest fall for the company in four years. It wiped $12bn (£7.6bn) from the value of the company.

Google also faired badly, closing on Monday at $669.22 (£423.76), down from $678.63 on Friday. A drop of $9.41, or 1.387%.