It has long been rumoured that Apple is developing a set of VR glasses. However, there has been little concrete evidence about what we can expect - until now.

The Information (paywall) reports that Apple's VR glasses, which have the internal codename N301, are in the final stages of development. They will feature a pair of 8K displays, along with 12 cameras that track the user's movements and capture a picture of the real world.

In addition to the cameras, the VR glasses will have a LiDAR sensor, as in the current iPhones and iPads. This will make the device's measurement of the surrounding environment more precise.

The Information says it has seen blueprints of the upcoming glasses, and that Apple's product is relatively small, with rounded displays nestled against a woven fabric that lies against the user's face. Similar to the Apple Watch's ecosystem of first- and third-party straps, the head mounts for the glasses are understood to be interchangeable.

Apple's glasses will be manufactured by Pegatron in Taiwan, and development is said to have progressed so far that the glasses could appear in 2022. The glasses are expected to cost around $3,000, which is comparable to Microsoft's HoloLens. Perhaps that high price is why Pegatron will initially produce only 250,000 units.

At Apple there are currently internal discussions about which tasks the new glasses are suitable for. In addition to gaming, according to The Information, Apple is looking at applications in the education and business sectors.

At the moment it is not yet clear how the user will control the new glasses. The Information reports that there is a switch on the housing for controlling the software.

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This article originally appeared on Macwelt. Translation by David Price.