For a consumer electronics company that won't even put a TV on the market, an Apple Car sounds unlikely on paper. But mounting evidence says Apple is gearing up for some type of automotive effort, and on Thursday we learned that Apple is targeting 2020 for a full-fledged car.

Referencing "people with knowledge of the matter," Bloomberg reported that Apple wants to put an electric vehicle into production within the next five years. 2020 is deliciously specific launch date, and at first glance it sounds like a long way away. But once you factor in all the hurdles Apple would have to cross, five years is actually an aggressive time frame.

Consider: Apple has no experience or history with cars, save the dashboard tech in CarPlay. Automobile design also requires extensive engineering that's far beyond anything relating to MacBooks and iPhones. Then there are federal safety and emission regulations to satisfy. And, oh yeah, an Apple Car would have to be a bad-ass ride that captures our imagination unlike any other four-wheeled vehicle before it.

So, 2020? I think that's ambitious as hell.