The new Apple Watch SE appears to be a success. If you try to order one of the more popular models from Apple's UK store, such as the Space Grey version with a black Solo Loop, you'll find (at time of writing) that you have to wait until between 28 October and 4 November for your new smartwatch.

Apple Watch SE models are sold out

The version with the Braided Solo Loop appears to be even more in demand, with delivery estimates quoting "6-8 weeks" rather than giving an actual date.

There are lots of different strap options now, however, and SE fanatics should be able to find some combination that's available sooner. We found the SE with a Sport Loop or Sport Band could be delivered by 9-12 October.

The variation in delivery times gives an insight into customer behaviour: the new strap designs and cheaper GPS versions appear to be, perhaps unsurprisingly, more popular. Or it could simply be that Apple commissioned fewer of those models to be supplied, in order to give the appearance of high demand and to nudge customers to costlier alternatives.

You can buy the Apple Watch SE direct from Apple, or browse our guide to the best Apple Watch SE deals.

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This article originally appeared on Macwelt. Translation by David Price.