watchOS 7 was released to the public last week, but for some owners of the Apple Watch Series 3 model, it has led to more problems than benefits.

In Apple's own support forums, as well as on Reddit and Facebook, hundreds of users have been complaining about recurrent forced reboots, bugs and generally poor performance, reports 9to5Mac. Others have noted complications that do not load and the watch locking itself several times a day; even if they wear it on their wrist, users have to enter the security code several times a day.

The problems seem to have hit Series 3 the worst, which is unlikely to be a coincidence: it's the oldest model allowed to install the latest watchOS system.

Nor does the more recent 7.0.1 point update seem to have solved the problems users are experiencing. In other words, if you own a Series 3 model, it may be appropriate to wait for the next version of watchOS 7, perhaps even watchOS 7.1, before making the update.

Whether and how quickly Apple will publish an update for watchOS 7 tailored specifically to the Series 3 remains unknown.

Apple is certainly aware of the problem, as descriptions of the problem have been piling up in messages to Apple Support on Twitter. So far, the manufacturer's social media team has responded to each one with a request to switch to private messages for all further conversations, making it difficult to judge from the outside how effectively it's dealing with the issue.

watchOS 7 has been beset with problems since launch. We've already published guidance on fixing its battery issues, and some users have found that it refuses to save workout route data.

Apple has now issued an update to the Apple Watch 3, more information here: Apple Watch update fixes Watch 3 reboot issues.

This article is based on original reporting by Macworld Sweden and Macwelt. Translation by David Price.