We knew it was coming sometime this spring, but now we have a more narrow timeframe: Apple Watch starts shipping in April, Tim Cook said.

How to watch the Apple Watch event live stream, and what to expect

So it's not an exact date, but we're getting closer. Cook dropped the news on Apple's quarterly earnings call Tuesday afternoon, saying Apple Watch is "on schedule" and will ship in April. The company reportedly hasn't publicly committed to a date because Cook and co. are still working on the device's battery life.

According to a recent 9to5Mac scoop, Apple is aiming for 19 hours of mixed active and passive use, but isn't sure it can nail that goal for the first generation of Apple Watches.

But Cupertino isn't exactly hurting due to Apple Watch delays. The company reported $18 billion in profit on $74.6 billion in revenue for the first quarter of the year after shipping 74.5 million iPhones.