If you have already updated to iOS 14 you can no longer go back to iOS 13.

This is because Apple has stopped signing iOS 13.7 (the last version of iOS 13), which means that it is not possible to install the system and thus not possible to downgrade from iOS 14.

Users who update to the new system are thus stuck with it - and any problems it may cause them - until Apple releases iOS 14.1 or 14.2 (it is unclear if there will be any 14.1 at all). This means that even if 14.0 has a bug or if an important app has not been updated yet and does not work in the new system they will be unable to revert to the old operating system.

iOS 14 is reaching users faster than iOS 13 did. At the time of writing, 31% of users have updated, according to data from Mixpanel. At the same time last year, 20.5% had updated.

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This is based on an article that originally appeared on Macworld Sweden