A new survey has revealed that one in five young drivers play Draw Something or Angry Birds while driving, and more than 30 per cent admitted they check Facebook from behind the wheel.

Recombu reports that ingenie, a driving insurance company for 17-25 year olds, asked 1,000 of its customers how they used their phones while driving as part of its Don’t Drive Distracted campaign. Shockingly, 18 per cent admitted that they had played Draw Something while on the road, and 17 per cent said they had played Angry Birds behind the wheel. Almost one in three of the drivers surveyed by ingenie said that they check Facebook while driving.

The survey also asked the drivers whether they use other functions on their phones while driving. More than 40 per cent said they had answered calls without a hand-free set, 44 per cent said they had sent a text, and 62 per cent said they have read a message while on the road.

Of the male drivers surveyed, one in six said that they had had an accident while using their mobile phone.

Aiming to encourage safer driving, ingenie has also launched an app for its customers, despite its survey showing that 58 per cent of 17-25 year olds agree that smartphone apps are distacting drivers. The app provides feedback on the driver’s swerving, braking, speed and acceleration through a device fitted in the car.