Over one billion visitors have visited Apple's Retail Stores worldwide.

That's since the first outlet was opened in Washington DC on 19 May 2001. Apple currently has 330 stores globally.

The source of this demographic info is Australian electrical industry site Current which managed to prise the information from Apple's local PR team. It was in response to a question around the launch this coming Saturday of Apple's 11th Australian Retail Store, in Penrith in western Sydney

The site also reported that Apple is planning to open new stores worldwide at a rapid rate.

"Apple Retail has been in business for 10 years," the site quoted Apple's spokesperson. "During this period, we have had over 1 billion visitors through our doors, many of whom are new to the Mac, as the Apple Store is the best place to learn about all the latest products from Apple."

Apple's main London retail store

The site was told customer service was the key to the success in footfall.

"Service is the hallmark of every Apple Store and the response from customers has been overwhelming. We had over 1 million customers sign-up for our Personal Setup offering last quarter alone," the spokesperson said. "Our retail offering continues to growth, with Penrith the 11th store in Australia, since we opened Apple Store Sydney just three years ago. Globally we are planning to have 363 stores in fiscal 2011."

With the Apple fiscal year ending on 25 September 2011, Current calculated that Apple would be opening a new retail store, on average, every 50 hours until that date.