Apple has introduced an update to the iOS 4.1 that has introduced new features including High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos and Game Center.

High dynamic range photos are actually three photos shot in rapid succession with different exposure ranges, then combined into one photo featuring the widest color and exposure range possible.

Game Center was first announced when Apple previewed iOS 4 this spring but didn't appear in the operating system's June release. It incorporates many of the features of existing third-party iOS gaming networks, allowing users to challenge friends to games, auto-match you with other players "if you don't have any friends," compare scores, and discover new games that your friends are playing.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs also announced AirPlay for iOS 4.1, an updated version of Apple's AirTunes feature that iTunes shares with the AirPort Express. iOS devices will now be able to stream from iTunes, but in addition to audio, AirPlay now allows video and photos to be streamed.

Apple iPod touch

A number of bugs have also been squashed in iOS 4.1. Jobs said the update would address proximity sensor issues with the iPhone 4 as well as problems with Bluetooth connectivity and audio quality. In addition, the iOS 4.1 update should improve sluggish performance on older iPhone 3G models.

A preview of iOS 4.2, which is scheduled to arrive for the iPad in November, also made an appearance. Jobs stated that iOS 4.1 features like Game Center and HDR photos will come to the iPad (despite its current camera-less design), as well as AirPlay and wireless printing--a much requested feature since the iPad first arrived.

Both the iOS 4.1 and 4.2 updates will be free to owners of iOS devices. We'll have more details on iOS 4.1 and iOS 4.2 as they become available.