With Apple's new iPad Air released today, there will be many people considering investing in a new iPad. If you're thinking about buying an iPad but are not sure whether an iPad is for you, we can help. Here, we highlight 10 reasons why you'll love an iPad, whether you go for Apple's iPad Air or iPad mini 2, or one of Apple's older iPad models.

1. It has a stunning display

At least, the iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air and iPad mini 2 do. They each have a Retina display, which means you'll get a crisp, sharp picture, ideal for watching movies or watching photo slideshows, for example.

2. You can use it to watch TV

In addition to watching movies, the iPad is a great device for watching TV, whether it's live or on-demand content. Companies such as BBC, iTV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 have apps that let you watch shows that have previously aired, and both the BBC iPlayer and 4 On Demand apps let you download shows to watch later when there's no internet connection, like on the commute or on a plane journey.

Other apps such as TV Catchup let you watch some TV channels live, too.

3. It's a great gaming device

There are thousands of games available for iPad, many of which are free, and most of which are less than £7.00.

Not only are many games that are popular on PC, Mac, Xbox and PlayStation now arriving on iOS, such as Max Payne and GTA, but many impressive games are now being made specifically for the iPad, including the hugely popular Infinity Blade.

The built-in gyroscope is used in some games, to, which adds an extra something that you won't get from a laptop or desktop computer.

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4. You can use it to entertain your kids

We wouldn't suggest buying your five-year-old an iPad of their own, but there are loads apps and games that can entertain your children for hours, many of which have an educational element, too.

Among our favourites are the Toca Boca games, which we know from experience will keep a child quiet during a long journey.

5. It can replace your laptop or desktop computer for many tasks

We find that picking up your iPad to send an email, look something up or update your Facebook status is much quicker and easier than having to boot up your PC or Mac, or perch your laptop on your lap.

6. You can use it to FaceTime friends and family

We love FaceTime. It's great for speaking with relatives who live abroad, or simply friends who live too far away to visit every week. Using the front-facing camera on your iPad, you can FaceTime call anyone with an iOS device or Mac.

It's especially ideal for people with young children, as FaceTime can be used to show off a little one's first steps to the grandparents, for example.

FaceTime is certainly easier on an iPad, as you can move around the camera easily, and can switch between the front or rear-facing cameras with the tap of a button.

7. It's great for reading

Many of us here at Macworld UK use an iPad for reading. With the iBookstore full of eBooks, and Apple Newsstand full of magazines, there's plenty of reading material out there, too.

8. You can use the iLife apps while on the move

iMovie, iPhoto and GarageBand are all available on the iPad, which you can use to edit your photos, compose a musical masterpiece or put together a home movie. iCloud support means you can begin creating something on your iPad and have it automatically synced to your Mac versions of the apps.

Plus, they're all free.

9. You can use the iWork apps while on the move

In addition to the free iLife apps, Apple also offers free iWork apps, too. That means you can use Pages to write documents on your iPad, Numbers to create spreadsheets and Keynote to make slideshows. Again, iCloud support will come in handy if you want to continue editing iWork creations on a Mac.

10. It's a great piece of kit to show off

iPads, especially the new iPad Air and iPad mini 2, are good-looking, stylish pieces of kit that we think anyone would be proud to show off to their friends and family.

That's one of the reasons there are thousands of eager customers queuing outside Apple Stores at 7am on iPad launch days in an attempt to be among the first people to have the new device.

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