The deal to sell music from The Beatles through iTunes and other digital music stores may not now become reality until 2008, a report claims.

The report - which cites Olivia Harrison, the widow of George Harrison - explains that while settlement of the long-standing trademark dispute between Apple Inc and Apple Music has paved the way for such a deal, the music may be a no-show for a while yet.

Harrison told Reuters, "We just have a few things to work out elsewhere."

Asked if it would be available online by the end of next year, she said, "Oh God, yeah. Hope so.. I don't know if it would be the end of this year, but it would be nice. Imminent, let's put it that way."

Remastered Beatles CDs and new artwork for the revised catalogue have been prepared for the end of next year.

"We (the band's members and widows) all agree. It's been done. It's just trying to now get it out there," said Harrison.