When the launch date of the iPhone 5 arrived, the world held its breath and watched, as the fifth generation iPhone was in fact revealed to be the 4S. Our Live Feed of Apple's, "Let's Talk iPhone" event, on 4 October, was one of the most read stories here this year.

Tim Cook, the new CEO of Apple spoke about the success of the company so far this year, especially the iPhone 4, which has, in a very short period of time, sold over half of the total iPhones sold the entire time Apple's been making them. All of the ideas flying back and forth about a tear drop design, a thinner handset and a wider screen were proven wrong as the 4S retained an identical appearance to the iPhone 4. Just about everything else was changed or improved upon.

Following the launch the reaction to the iPhone 4S was less than impressed, with some analysis suggesting the new iPhone was a disappointment. However, any negative feedback proved unfounded as the iPhone 4S sold four million in the first three days following the launch. The negative reaction may also have been drowned out by news of Apple founder Steve Jobs' death the following day.

The iPhone 4S saw the introduction of a dual-core A5 chip (which Apple claims allows the 4S to process graphics seven times faster), longer battery life, clearer and faster call quality, 8 megapixel camera as well as the much talked about, artificially intelligent assistant Siri.

Siri was a huge talking point many months before its release. For those of you who have some how managed to miss Siri, it is essentially like having a personal assistant living in your pocket. The iPhone 4S with the Siri feature allows you to do most functions on the iPhone via voice commands. You can set reminders, call any of your contacts using their name or title (e.g. Call Mum), set reminders either with time settings or for example when you leave work using GMS, find directions, set alarms, ask questions and do web searches, dictate texts and Siri is connected with Yelp in the US, for information about local restaurants and businesses.

As soon as the launch had ended, people everywhere wanted to know how they could get an iPhone 4S in the UK. The pre-orders began for the smartphone on 7 October and could be bought in stores from 14 October. Nine days before the iPhone 4S could even be bought, the was one solitary customer queueing outside London's Covent Garden Apple store.

According to Business Wire, over 4million iPhone 4S phones were sold in the first weekend.