The iPhone 5 looks set to be a hit with Android and Blackberry owners when it launches later this month.

According to a survey, more than a fifth of Android smartphone users plan to ditch their existing phone in favour of the iPhone 5 when it launches this month.

The Techbargains survey of 1,332 people found that 22% of Android users would be buying a new iPhone as soon as it launches. Of those Android users who claimed that they would buy the new iPhone, 2% revealed they would queue up on the day the new iPhone 5 is released.

It’s not just Android owners who are looking to buy a new iPhone, according to the survey, 38% of BlackBerry owners are also planning to buy the new iPhone 5 with 8% planning to queue up on release day.

Even though it launched just over a year ago, 64% of iPhone 4S users are still looking to replace their device with the iPhone 5, according to the survey. Maybe they will be taking Apple up on its offer to pay £300 for their iPhone 4S.

Of the 1,332 people surveyed, 45% plan to buy the new iPhone, with 35% of those saying that they will buy it on the day of release, and 10% planning to queue up on the day.

According to the survey the most popular new features would be longer battery life, required by 93% and a faster processer, for 90%.

In a Macworld survey, we found that 40 per cent of Macworld readers are planning to buy the iPhone 5 when it launches, no matter what new features the sixth-generation device has.

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