The second-generation Apple TV is selling for up to £1000, despite a third-generation model being available to buy from Apple for just £99.

The rising value of the second-generation Apple TV is probably due to the ability to jailbreak it. Hackers are finding the third-generation Apple TV difficult to crack. Jailbreaking an Apple TV can enable users to stream TV and films via the internet, as well as add other functions using various plugins. Jailbreaking a device does, however, mean that your Apple warranty is no longer valid.

On eBay, a second-generation Apple TV is available to buy for £999.95, and the seller has sold 820 so far, though these were not all sold at such a high price. Another seller has a second-generation Apple TV listed at £249.95, and a third seller is charging £199 for a model that has already been Jailbroken.

If you are the owner of a second-generation Apple TV, perhaps this is the time to sell it, before those hackers manage to jailbreak the third-generation model.

Meanwhile, Apple is rumoured to be working on its own television set, which could arrive alongside a new iPhone this autumn.