Apple sales have soared in China, with 1.7 million iPads sold in the second quarter of 2012, making Apple the leader in market shares with a staggering 72.66 percent, reports China-based Analysys International.

A total of 2.34 million tablet PCs were sold in China and Apple’s numbers were more than eight times larger than nearest competitor Lenovo, which came in second at 8.38 percent. Samsung, Apple’s biggest European rival, is fourth on the list and only managed 3.59 percent, roughly translating to 84,000 tablets.

Apple has managed this victory despite late iPad launch, going on sale in China four months after sales began in the US, due to a trademark dispute over the iPad name with a local Chinese company, Proview.

Analysys also reports Apple’s region market share to be up by 7.45 percent from the previous quarter and 63.4 percent over the same quarter last year. They credit the increase to the launch of the new iPad and the lowering of iPad 2 prices.