Mobile network 3 is offering its mobile broadband customers free months access to the Times and the Sunday Times websites for free.

News International, the parent company of the two websites, started charging internet users to access content in July this year.

According to web analytics firm Hitwise, in the week after the paywall was enforced, visit to the Times website were 66 percent less than before the charge was introduced.

Following the initial three month offer, pay-as-you-go customers who top up every 30 days will continue to get free access to The Times and The Sunday Times for the following month. Those with monthly mobile broadband subscriptions will be offered access to both titles for £2 per week. The offer is available to new customers until 31 March 2011.

"As more people consume news online, a partnership with The Times is a perfect offer for our mobile broadband customers," said 3's Alys Mathew.

"We're happy to expand the reach of The Times online readership across the country to more mobile devices."

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