Despite the iPhone 5 not being in stores until tomorrow, eBay sellers have taken to the online auction site to sell off Apple’s new device, and are asking for up to £3,000 for it.

Prices for the iPhone 5 on eBay are extremely varied, some auctions starting on just 98p, but others start at £1,500.

For an unlocked 16GB iPhone 5, you can buy it new for anywhere between £420 and £650.

Unlocked 32GB models range from £560 to £3,000 on eBay, and the 64GB model is on sale from £749.99 to £1,020.

One eBay seller, who already has 33 bids and counting for his iPhone 5, bringing the price up to £810 so far, will buy the highest bidder a 64GB model in either colour from the Apple Store on Friday morning. He will then deliver it personally to anyone within 200 miles of his Bristol home at a cost of 16p per mile, including the return journey, if the buyer requests it. There are alternative delivery options available too.

Meanwhile, the Cancer Research fundraisers, who have been waiting outside the Apple Store in Covent Garden since 14 September, have a total of 22 bids on their 16GB iPhone 5, at a price of £621 so far.

Apple’s pricing for the iPhone 5 is £529 for the 16GB model, £599 for the 32GB, and £699 for the 64GB model. However, if you’re planning on ordering from the Online Apple Store, the current estimate for all three models is 3-4 weeks.

Apple announced that the iPhone 5 pre-orders had topped 2 million within the first 24 hours, doubling the iPhone 4S’s record of 1 million.

Apple Stores will be opening at 8am tomorrow for the iPhone 5 launch. Will you be queuing?

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