UK mobile-music company Omnifone has launched an all-you-can-hear subscription music service, MusicStation.

The new £1.99-per-week service was announced at the 3GSM Congress in Barcelona. The service lets users access full music trcks using their mobile phone and is being introduced this week.

Rob Lewis, CEO of Omnifone said: "MusicStation will give users of any music-capable handset the ability to legally access, download and enjoy an unlimited amount of music, from a global music catalogue supported by the music industry, all for a small weekly fee, wherever they are."

The company has already signed partnerships with 23 mobile network operators, who have subscribers in 40 countries and a total customer base of 690 million subscribers.

MusicStation users may search for, download and play music on their mobile phone, Mac or PC, create, manage and share playlists and tracks with the MusicStation community, and view the latest music news.

The service downloads music over the air using a mobile network's own data network, and is compatible with 2.5G and 3G.

"By leveraging the hundreds of millions of handsets sold every year by operators to deliver MusicStation into the global market, we believe we can give Apple a run for its money in digital music provision", said Lewis.

Subscribers pay just £1.99 per week for unlimited downloads, including data. A premium service will offer unlimited music downloads to a subscriber's mobile and Mac/PC desktop for £2.99 per week in the UK. All charges are inclusive of 2.5G or 3G data.