Microsoft will introduce Windows Mobile 6 at the 3GSM conference in Barcelona next week.

The new operating system, which was formerly code-named Crossbow, will give users of devices supporting the operating system a visual experience for email that is similar to the one they have on PCs, said John Starkweather, a group product manager at Microsoft.

Some of the new features Microsoft added to Exchange Server 2007, which was released in December, will provide this new user experience, he said. For example, Microsoft allows users to search through a greater number of email messages on devices and also will allow a remote user, even without administrator privileges, to wipe all Exchange Server-fed data from a device if it is lost or stolen.

The operating system also lets users reply to meeting requests made in Microsoft Outlook in various ways from their mobile devices, another feature that Exchange enables. A user can send an email reply to the sender of the request or forward the message to someone else from their device, he said.

Windows Mobile 6 also exploits direct email push technology available in Exchange 2007 to receive and send email faster and more efficiently, Starkweather said.

Support for Exchange Server 2007 are not the only email enhancements Windows Mobile 6 provides. The operating system also includes the ability for users to view see email and links within email messages in their original rich HTML format, Starkweather said.