With things heating up in the Apple v Samsung patent trial, our Macworld poll reveals that 65 percent of the 911 respondents believe that Samsung copied Apple.

In April 2011, Apple sued Samsung, accusing them of “slavishly copying” the design of iPhone and iPad as well as interface elements including elastic scrolling and tap to zoom.

Samsung claimed that it had already been working on handsets featuring a screen and a home button prior to the iPhone’s release and suggested that Apple had based their designs of the iPhone on a Sony prototype.

A total of 57 per cent of respondents said that they think that Samsung completely copied Apple. Four per cent believe that Samsung did copy Apple, but only in terms of the physical design of the iPad and iPhone, while 3.6 per cent think that Samsung copied just the interface and icons of Apple's iOS.

3.8 percent believe that while the two brands sport similar designs, it does not mean it’s been copied.

Mark Hattersley said in a post in Macworld’s forum, “If you look at the smartphone market pre iPhone (Nokia N95) and post iPhone (Samsung S3 and every other phone on the market) then you can't miss the impact Apple had.”

He then went on to make another point that people seem to “confuse invention with implementation,” adding that while Apple might not have invented most of the technology in the iPhone, “they used technology that was standard in the market, mixed it together in a unique way that made a phone substantially better than anything else on the market. So in that sense they did invent the iPhone.”

A tiny fraction of those polled – 2 percent – believes that it was Apple who copied Samsung.

It is currently day 15 in the patent trial, click here for a day-to-day account of the Apple v Samsung patent trial.