China is switched-on to the iPhone, with copy-cat devices filing a market while local consumers decry the high price of the mobile.

Pearl Research has taken a close look at the iPhone's impact on China, and finds remarkable awareness of the product has already emerged in the market. While the device isn't officially available in the country, grey imports are available there.

The research shows 68 per cent of Chinese people asked about the device had heard of the iPhone, with female respondents most likely to note its design and trendiness as key factors in potentially buying one. Male respondents thought its utility the key reason to make a purchase.

Somewhat appropriately, the research notes that the iPhone's web browser is less resonant in China. Most users interviewed don't use the heavily-censored internet available in that country, citing the high price of access.

Approximately 88 per cent of iPod owners expressed interest in the iPhone. The iPod has created a consumer segment in China familiar with Apple products. The study is based on 450 online survey respondents and 24 in-depth one-on-one interviews.