A new study suggests that black Apple products are proving popular, with almost 70 per cent of consumers opting for a black model rather than a white one.

In the past, Apple's white devices, including the original iPod and now distinct MacBook, were in demand. However, times have changed, and now Apple's white products appear to be taking a back seat.

New research carried out by Idealo compares the amount of clicks received by Apple's iPod, iPhone, iPod touch and iPod classic models across its price comparison platforms to determine which colour was more popular within the first nine months of 2012.

The study found that, overall, 69 per cent of the clicks recorded were on black models of Apple devices.

Breaking that down further, the study shows that the iPod touch is more evenly clicked, with the black model of the device getting 53.9 per cent of the traffic, while the white iPhone is clicked the least, with 73.6 per cent of the traffic going to the black model.

"84 per cent of users from the UK preferred a black iPhone, the most of the five countries in the study," Idealo says. "Apple has branded the iPhone as a black device from the beginning, manufacturing the original iPhone with a black plastic base and releasing the iPhone 4 in 2010 exclusively in black."

"In 2012, 11 years after the release of the original iPod classic, it appears black has overtaken Apple's signature colour "white" as the new colour of fabour, at least among Idealo's users," the company concludes. "Only the Italians and French seem to prefer the traditional white for their Apple gadgets, not including the iPhone."

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