This week, with the Olympic Games imminent, a YouGov survey, commissioned by sat-nav app producers CoPilot Live, has shown that 70 per cent of Londoners don't know when or where Olympic Route Network applies, which will include temporary changes to routes between the Olympic venues including: suspended turns, stopping and loading restrictions and traffic signal timing alterations. As a result, as many as one in four drivers may end up lost in their own city.

CoPilot Live have produced an infographic showing the results of the survey, as well as facts and figures about the driving in London during the Olympics. It shows that the ORN will consist of 109 miles of road with 35 miles of that entirely shut off to all members of the public. With a third more congestion in the capital expected from Friday, the day of the opening ceremony, drivers can expect to be travelling on key routes at an average of just 12mph, according to the survey. Figures like this are sure to leave those who live inner city wondering whether to stay at home or brave the crowds.

The majority of working Londoners seem to be adopting a specific attitude towards the Olympic Games which open this week. 28 per cent of people didn't even know the ORN existed and with few actually taking the initiative to research it and make alternative plans in advance, the majority of people seem to think that if they ignore it, it will go away.

With 3.5million tickets sold and 100,000 athletes, security guards, guests and media representatives, that means swarms of people heading over to Stratford.

It's not only the workers but also the companies who are seeming to simply be crossing their fingers and hoping for the best regarding travel and accessibility during the Games. While 11 per cent of people plan to work from home while the games are on, 44 per cent of Londoners don't have the technology they need to be able to do so.

While the government and the mayor have tried to develop an efficient system to keep down congestion, a quarter of Londoners are still planning to stay out of the city to avoid the traffic and overcrowding, with another one in ten leaving the country altogether and taking a holiday.

It sounds hectic and it hasn't even begun. If you can't get out of the city and your employer has made no specific travel plans for you then you may be able to venture to work using CoPilot Live's Premium app, with new features added with the Olympics in mind. The app will alert drivers if their route includes restricted roads within the ORN, will highlight key venues and Points of Interest, and perhaps most useful, the ActiveTraffic service will constantly monitor real-time road speeds and recommend the fastest route to the destination based on current conditions.

David Quin, Head of Consumer Applications at CoPilot Live says: “This week sees the introduction of road restrictions throughout Central London and it’s clear that despite an impressive Get Ahead of the Games media campaign, many Londoners are still unsure about which roads are affected by the ORN. Those drivers intending to drive in Central London over the next few weeks should certainly plan ahead, and it has to be hoped that traffic issues won’t steal the headlines from the epic sporting achievements to come.”

The app is available for both iPhone and iPad. CoPilot Live Premium UK and Ireland costs £18.99, and from £29.99 for the Europe version, both prices are for lifetime-use. The new Olympic based features will be available via a free app update before Friday 27 July.


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