UK digital music service 7digital has upgraded its offering in a move it says will "take on iTunes".

The upgraded service offers a range of web-based features that support iPods and other media players, not least 7digital's new Digital Locker, an online storage system for music fan's to place their music files.

The Digital Locker can be accessed globally. Any digital media obtained from the company's sales network is stored in a user's 'locker' and can be played at any time using any compatible device with an internet connection and browser.

The company also reminded iPod owners that it was the first such firm to offer EMI’s entire DRM-free catalogue in MP3 format at the highest quality (320kbps), including the entire Paul McCartney catalogue - and that it offers one-minute track previews.

The service is accessed through a web browser, and all tracks are tagged to make them easy to search through. Over 50 per cent of tracks sold through the service are DRM-free, making them platform and device agnostic.

7digital has also entered an exclusive partnership with, under this deal each time a song is played on that exists in the 7digital catalogue, a buy button will appear next to the track.

The company has launched its new service with a range of special offers, with some singles costing just 50p and albums available from £5 each.