Macworld Awards winner ABBYY has announced ABBYY Mobile OCR Utilities, a new series of mobile mini-applications for Apple's iPhone.

According to the company, ABBYY LinkGrabber, ABBYY MailGrabber and ABBYY PhoneGrabber each capture one specific type of contact data, a link, an email address, or a phone number respectively, and transfer them directly to the iPhone for further use.

The 59p utilities help iPhone users to easily extract valuable information from a variety of printed materials insists ABBYY.

"This series of mobile OCR products brings the iPhone users a new, straightforward way to automatically extract contact data from a variety of printed sources for further, broader use: links for browsing, phone numbers for dialling up and email addresses for sending emails," said Olga Tolstunova, deputy director of the Mobile Products Department at ABBYY.

ABBYY PhoneGrabber

ABBYY Mobile OCR Utilities - LinkGrabber, MailGrabber and PhoneGrabber - are available via the Apple iTunes App Store and require the iOS 3.1 Software Update or later.

ABBYY adds, another mini-application of the mobile OCR series, which retrieves addresses from a variety of printed materials to search them in Google Maps will be available soon.