Henge Dock Clique



This nifty little device unites Apple’s Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad into a single streamlined unit. The full tray design holds the them together securely in place, allowing you to access both devices from your desk or lap. The Clique also has conveniently-located power buttons, so you can turn off Apple’s peripherals without having to remove them from the unit. Henge offers both right- and left-handed trays.

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Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 



The Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 is one of the best Mac keyboards on the market thanks to its appealing design, good keys and layout, a nice batch of special-function keys – in this case for both OS X and iOS – and a reasonable price. It provides multi-device Bluetooth support and a compact design that’s small enough to toss in your bag.

OUR REVIEW bit.ly/PlDywp

Elgato GameCapture HD



The Elgato GameCapture HD lets you record video from a games console or iOS device, so you can share it via YouTube or similar. The idea is that it sits between the device and your HDMI television. The video passes through the GameCapture and a USB connection siphons it off to your Mac. The software records the footage while you play along on TV.


Nikon D800

£2,399.99 (body only)


With the 18MB file sizes produced by the D800’s 36-megapixel shots providing peace of mind plus incredible realism and detail, this is the digital SLR for those wishing to future-proof their photography and enable a multitude of uses. 

OUR REVIEW bit.ly/XgrWzN

HiRise for iMac



HiRise from Twelve South is a big plus for anyone putting undue stress on their back due to a poorly positioned iMac – users can adjust the height to one of six positions. The HiRise also provides some stylish storage space. 

OUR REVIEW bit.ly/SZDbp6

Sony VG20



The Sony VG20 takes the benefits of a Compact System Camera and incorporates them into the body of a camcorder. With the amount of manual controls on offer, as well as the inputs and versatility of the extra lenses, this is perfect for the advancing amateur or aspiring independent filmmaker.

OUR REVIEW bit.ly/YCiJkm

Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 and Premiere Elements 11



If you’re still using iPhoto and are looking for a bit more editing power, then Photoshop Elements 11 is an excellent choice; while Premiere Elements 11 is a worthwhile upgrade for both experienced users and newcomers who want to switch up from iMovie. 

OUR REVIEW bit.ly/OHGtky, bit.ly/Rdi84D

Parallels Desktop 8



Parallels Desktop 8 is an impressive way to run Windows on a Mac through virtualisation. It has support for Mountain Lion, and works with Launchpad so you can quickly launch the Windows programs you need. People who need to use Windows software on their Mac on a regular basis will find that it’s well worth the money.

OUR REVIEW bit.ly/RdimIZ