Blue Microphones Tiki 



Blue Microphones’ Tiki is a USB microphone that uses intelligent technology to minimise background noise and determine what sounds to focus on and when to mute. It’s useful for Skype and FaceTime calls, plus its snail-like design and multi-coloured LED adds a touch of fun to the tiny device.

Canon Pixma MG3250


The speed and running costs of the MG3250 mean it’s not the best choice for frequent, everyday use. However, its duplex option and helpful software will appeal to anyone who occasionally needs to produce longer, high-quality documents.


Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go Executive 

From £86.99


The Executive is a USB 3.0 drive that provides strong performance and some useful software features. Its security options will particularly appeal to business users who want to keep their data safe when they’re working away from the office.


iPod nano



The thinnest iPod nano yet packs a lot of functionality into the palm of your hand. It has a built-in pedometer for fitness fans, and a multi-touch 2.5in display. We can see the new colours appealing to the younger market.

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iLuv sound cubes



If you’re looking for a portable solution to get better audio from your Mac, then iLuv’s Sound Cubes could be the answer. The maximum volume is also plenty loud enough to be used to entertain a room full of guests They don’t require batteries, just plug them into your Mac via USB. Their stylish silver look also sits nicely beside Apple’s products. 

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MySpot Kanex



Get all your devices connected to the internet from one wired connection point with the MySpot Kanex. Perfect for hotel rooms, it plugs into a computer via USB, and uses the internet provided by the room’s Ethernet cable to give wireless connectivity for mobile devices. 

Samsung NX 1000 

£599.99 with 20-50mm zoom lens

Offering a blend of manual control and point-and-shoot operation, the NX 1000 is very usable, no matter your skill set. And when punchy, bright, detail-packed images are the result, you have a very capable, portable contender for those prepared to look beyond brands with a longer camera heritage.