A new solution enables content providers to distribute video to Mac and PC users through file-sharing networks with ads ingrained inside the film files, opening up new earnings opportunities for film producers.

The solution is the brainchild of Israel’s HIRO Media and is the first of its kind globally available for Macs, the company claims.

The solution means users can directly download films and shows directly from content providers’ websites, through peer-to-peer networks or from social networking sites to their PC's and Mac’s.

The video can be viewed when the user is online or offline, and is downloaded as a single file which works in QuickTime of Windows Media Player, with ads integrated into the programming.

Now the technology is proven, the company plans to arrange deals with content providers for the distribution of their content on an ads-supported model. The Mac version will be first launched in Israel. with a series of videos being made available in the first wave, the company hopes to introduce its service to other territories this year.

“Mac users have been technologically tied to a limited universe of paid and rental-based download sites; this is the first time they will have a free, legal video download option,” said Ariel Napchi, co-founder and CEO of HIRO Media.

“Content owners and distributors have repeatedly stated that a solution was needed to provide Macs with the same video file as PCs, that could be watched on any platform and that would support embedded, targeted ads. Now they have it.”

Advertisements are targeted to users’ preferences, so viewers will only see the advertisements they have requested.  The embedded ad-solution means that revenue is always generated, whenever and wherever the content is viewed. Advertisers can change the mid-roll advertisements each time a video is viewed. 

A recent UK trial with BT Vision’s Download Store enabled BT’s 14 million broadband customers to download movies for free