Adobe Systems this week confirmed it is on track to deliver Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) for the Google Android mobile platform by the end of the year.

AIR enables  Adobe Flash Web applications to run outside of a browser. 

"AIR for Android will allow developers to bring rich, standalone apps to Android-based devices," said Adobe mobile spokesman Stefan Offerman, in an email response to questions.  "AIR includes specific  functionality offered by mobile OSes and devices such as multi-touch, gesture inputs, accelerometer, geolocation, and screen orientation and enables developers to deliver these rich apps (games etc.) outside the browser."

AIR for Android is currently in a beta program. Motorola has announced support for AIR on Android, Offerman said.

Earlier this year Adobe discussed intentions to have AIR appearing on Android devices.

Offerman declined to comment, however, on Oracle's recently filed lawsuit against Google alleging that Android infringes Java patents.