Adobe has won a coveted Royal Television Society (RTS) Innovation Award for its Flash video technology.

The award recognises the software's pivotal role in bringing television content to the internet. The Judges award for Innovation was announced yesterday at the Royal Television Society Innovation Awards at BAFTA in London.

"From CNN to Desperate Housewives, Adobe Flash Player video delivers today's popular television shows online, in addition to powering the video capabilities of social networking sites such as YouTube and MySpace," said Craig Tegel, managing director for Adobe, Northern Europe.

"The prestigious RTS Innovation award recognises not only the impact Adobe is having in the multi-faceted and evolving world of broadcasting, it also acknowledges Adobe's commitment to innovation and the outstanding work of its dedicated employees."

Adobe Flash Player is installed on over 700 million internet-connected desktops and mobile devices.

The Royal Television Society Innovations Awards recognise outstanding achievement in the development of new technologies in video production, manipulation and distribution, and outstanding creativity in exploiting these developments.