Remote desktop client LogMeIn has announced a new way  to collaborate online in, previously released as a beta in August.

The online collaboration tool is stripped of "80 per cent of web conferencing features people never use" insists LogMeIn, and promises to be a simple and safe for sharing. promises free online meetings for both personal and commercial use to up to 250 participants with no registration, plug-ins or accounts required.  
Additionally, a 'pro' version of the service with extended functionality is available for a monthly or annual subscription. is designed for both typical online meetings and the quick, impromptu scenarios claims LogMeIn.  
A dedicated website and free desktop app offers two options: 'share' or 'join'.  A single click on the 'share' button starts a meeting and instantly creates a meeting link and 9-digit code, which can easily be emailed, Tweeted, posted, IM’ed or verbally shared with participants. from LogMeIn

Viewers can then click on a meeting link or enter the code into the 'join' box on the website.  
"When we set out to design, we wanted to create something that was light, fast and ridiculously simple to use. But the best user experience doesn’t stop with product design," said Kevin Bardos, LogMeIn's vice president of collaboration products.  

"Cost, plug-ins, lengthy registration forms, these have all presented unnecessary hurdles to both adoption and widespread usage.  We wanted to offer something that would provide a stark contrast to the undesirable but well deserved reputation of today’s online meeting products."
The 'pro' package extends functionality, offering lightweight meeting schedulers, personalised meeting codes and the ability to add, drop and customize other users on account.  

The paid version adds the ability to control who can come in and out of meetings through a 'meeting lock' and request-to-join feature - a benefit when running back-to-back meetings on a common meeting code insists LogMeIn.
The pro package is available for $29 (£18) per month or $299 (£188) per year.    
"Does replace standard web conferencing tools?  Absolutely.  We think is ideal for common online meeting use cases.  And we believe the ultimate opportunity goes beyond better, less expensive online meetings," added Michael Simon, president and CEO of LogMeIn.  

"There’s an untapped opportunity for more frequent, widespread, ad hoc use of screen sharing tools."

A dedicated FAQ can be found here.

Additionally LogMeIn offers a range of well reviewed applications for Apple iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users.