UK audio research company AirSound will introduce its products to the US at CES in January.

The company has developed a music playback technology it calls airSOUND, designed to produce uniform spatial stereo sound throughout an entire room from a single speaker enclosure.

The company is also developing products integrating this technology for use with personal audio playback devices, such as iPods.

AirSound already offers the T3 personal stereo aura device: a mobile phone-sized unit worn around the neck that generates a personal stereo soundfield around the head as an alternative to headphones, and will work with iPods.

The company is also offering to licence its technologies to other manufacturers of consumer electronics, revealing "a number of European manufacturers already have AirSound-based products in development."

The technology returns to the earliest work on stereo sound in reproducing direct and spatial sound, instead of discrete left and right channel signals. The solution is contained within a single enclosure.