Apple board member and former US vice-president Al Gore has purchased an additional batch of Apple shares.

Gore has exercised his option to buy 1,000 shares of the company stock at $7.48 each. He has sat on the board since 2003, and retains the option to buy 59,000 more shares in the company stock.

Bloomberg estimates Gore made a potential profit through the acquisition of $124,000 (£62,200) .

The investment comes as Wall Street analysts begin to revise their opinion on Apple stock, which has seen values slide around 30 per cent since Macworld Expo.

Steve Hach at ValuEngine Bulletin this week warned investors that Apple stock is currently undervalued, pointing to his analysis that the stock is at its lowest likely level, proposing that its a stock to buy at the current price.

In the long-term, Hach predicts Apple stock will reach $300.

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster this week elected to maintain his 'buy' rating and $250 target price on the stock.