Apple’s stock might have fallen in recent months, but Al Gore still has faith in AAPL. 

The former US vice president, and Apple board member has triggered a share package that was awarded to him by Steve Jobs. 

The award gave him the rights to purchase 59,000 Apple shares for $7.475 each. He exercised the options on 15 January, and was awarded them on Friday, when the stock closed (mysteriously) at exactly $500 a share. 

This means that his investment cost him just $440,000 but was worth around $29.5m that day. 

Gore could sell the shares at any time. 

Apple board member Al Gore revealed details of Steve Jobs' instructions to Apple staff about how to carry on after his death back in October 2011. Gore detailed Jobs' insistence that no-one should ask the question 'What would Steve do?' after his death, instead telling them to follow their 'own voice'. “He used to talk initially about how after Walt Disney died, the company always got in trouble about asking 'what would Walt do in this situation?'. And he made it very clear 'I don’t want that'. He made it clear to Tim Cook and everyone else 'Don't ask what Steve would have done. Follow your own voice.'" Gore said.


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