Apple is preparing to completely shut down MobileMe over the next few days.

MacRumours reports that Apple is about to shut down all remaining MobileMe accounts that have not been migrated to iCloud.

MobileMe's online services went offline on 30 June, but Apple told users that they had a “limited time” left to migrate their accounts over to iCloud and download all of the photos and iDisk files they had stored in MobileMe.

Now, though, Apple is starting to take the old MobileMe servers offline, meaning that any users yet to migrate to iCloud or download their files are at risk of losing that data completely. According to MacRumors, a company representative has said that Apple will begin the process at some point today, but “some users' data could continue to be available after that time as Apple works through the process of purging all of the old MobileMe data.”

iCloud already has 150 million registered users, but many of those reported problems with the service yesterday.

Strangely, despite the imminent demise of MobileMe, we were invited to “Get set up and start enjoying MobileMe today,” by Apple when setting up a new Mac yesterday. This is a mystery we have yet to solve.  

iWork also suffered the same fate as MobileMe, and was shut down yesterday. Users will no longer be able to share documents from Pages, Numbers or Keynote from the service, and will also be required to use iCloud to share such files.