Alpine Electronics has introduced the third-generation of its solution for integrating an iPod into a car, the Full Speed Connection for iPod.

The system works using a cable which connects the media device to the head unit, and eschews use of a bulky hideaway box. Users can control the iPod using the head unit, and the iPod is kept powered up by the system.

Improvements in this iteration of the system include faster data transmission rates, which makes it faster to navigate through content held on the player.

Navigation has also been improved with the introduction of support for reading artist, album, song and playlist information from the iPod on a screen situated on the head unit.

Alpine’s new Percentage Search function takes the iPod’s entire music library and divides it into six percentage groupings. Then, using the head unit’s six preset buttons, users can browse by pushing one of the presets to quickly jump to the desired section of the playlist, album, artist or song list, instead of scrolling through files one by one.

The Full Speed Connection for iPod is available now from authorised Alpine dealers at a recommended retail price of £19.99. It is compatible with any updated iPod with a dock connector, as well as an iPod video, iPod nano, iPod photo or iPod mini.

Alpine's 2007 Full Speed Connection-compatible source units, sold separately, are available through authorised dealers starting at a recommended retail price of £129.99.