Following a successful range of ZX Spectrum rereleases on iOS, long established UK developer-publisher Elite Systems is turning its attention to a variety of computer games from other 8 bit computers such as the Commodore 64 and Atari range.

Nine standalone iOS conversions are set to hit the App Store for 59p each on an as yet undecided date -- three of these will be of US origin, three from the UK and three from Germany.

The American games include Datasoft's action adventure Black Magic from 1987; Ozark Softscape's fantastic multiplayer strategy game M.U.L.E. from 1983; and the immensely ambitious open world freeform RPG Alternate Reality: The City from 1987.

UK games include platformer First Samurai from 1992; Hewson's side scrolling shmup Uridium from 1986; and puzzle shooter classic Paradroid from 1985.

On the German front, the games will include Enforcer and Denaris, both shooters from Turrican designer Manfred Trenz, published in 1992 and 1989 respectively; and soccer management sim Bundesliga Manager from 1989. The German games will launch with German language in app text, with English versions to follow shortly afterwards.

The long term plan for Elite is to collect the individual games together into an Elite Collection iOS app, similar to the company's current ZX Spectrum Collection, which offers a selection of included games as well as the in-app opportunity to purchase more.

"For more than twelve months, we've been communicating with the current owners and players of the very best 8 bit home computer games with one aim: facilitating their relaunch in their near-100% original form, as apps for all iOS devices" said Steve Wilcox of Elite. "We're immensely proud of Elite's proprietary technology, which we call a 'facilitator,' since it doesn't incorporate, reference or in any other way rely upon third-party property, yet makes it possible for games originally devised for one platform to be played on another with the minimum of costly and time consuming porting, or other forms of reengineering."

Watch out for the 8 bit rereleases soon and, if you're as old as I am, prepare to relive your youth.