Amazon has been attacked for selling an e-book guide – 'The Paedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure,' on the company's Kindle Store.

Written by Phillips Greaves, the guide claims to be an: "attempt to make paedophile situations safer for those juveniles that find themselves involved in them, by establishing certian [sic] rules for these adults to follow."

Greaves adds: " I hope to achieve this by appealing to the better nature of pedosexuals, with hope that their doing so will result in less hatred and perhaps liter sentences should they ever be caught."

Amazon has been hit by protests on Twitter and Facebook condemning the availability of the e-book and calling for a boycott of the online retailer.

A Facebook group '!!!Boycott for Selling How Guide for pedophile' currently has attracted 3,603 supporters and a defence of the book from the author replying as Phillip R. Greaves II.


The group has attracted dozens of comments from Facebook users angry with Amazon. "As an abuse survivor myself I am disgusted with Amazon for even thinking this is ok to sell & profit from," writes Linda Queen and is typical of the comments.

"My first abuse happened when I was 4 yrs. old, now 51 I still have nightmares & suffer from it's affects. We must stand up to protect the most important resource we have, our children!! Will be doing business elsewhere because of this for sure!"