Amazon has reduced the price of its 7in Kindle Fire to just £99 in the run up to Christmas.

The Kindle Fire is a 7in tablet device in a similar vien to the iPad mini (albiet with lower specifications). The Kindle Fire is normally sold at a highly competitive price of £129, and the extra £30 saving makes it an interesting Christmas bargain. The Kindle Fire runs a highly modified version of Google's Android operating system.

Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon has only reduced the price of its Kindle Fire product, and not the more popular Kindle Fire HD with its more powerful internal components. The Kindle Fire HD remains at the original price of £159.

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Although it runs apps and performs much of the function of a regular tablet, the main purpose of the Kindle Fire is to enable easy purchases of Amazon's digital book, music, and movie products. Amazon is understood to be subsidizing the price of the Kindle Fire in the hope that getting a foothold in this market will enable it to recoup extra sales down the line.

Amazon is also running a number of other Black Friday sales products, with products on sale for a limited amount of time.


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